Success and the Change of Friendships

Everyone wants to be successful but not everyone wants the same for others. Anyone in success will realize that as they change, so do their friends. When someone begins to have more and more accomplishments in life, that is when they realize who their real friends are. Some will be jealous and try to belittle your achievement and others will be proud of you and want to push you to be even better. The friends you have represent the place you are in life at that time.

The more successful you are, the more your friends will change. Your friends will change by the way they act and they will change by who you are friends with. As you begin to gain success you will gain friendships of those who are equal to you, due to the fact that many that do not have the triumphs you do will be jealous. The people who don’t try to undermine you will be the ones you want to/will stick around. Do not let the loss of friends slow you down, they were never your friend in the first place.


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