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Be Your Best

Be Your Best

Everyone is different and no two people are the same, so why do people try and be someone else? Don’t compete with others, just be better than you were before. Do not try growing to outshine someone else when instead you can outshine yourself. Personal growth is far better than growing into someone who isn’t…MORE

Change is Good

The world is constantly changing; therefore, your life is also going to change. If you want to achieve your goals, then you have to grow. So whether you want things to change or not it’s still going to happen. Life throws many things at you and learning how to adapt is how you become the…MORE

You Can Only Control Yourself

You have no way to make someone do what you want. The only person you can control is yourself, therefore that is what you should focus on. Focus on making yourself the best you can be. People will always try and tell you what they think but that doesn’t mean that you have to listen…MORE

Let The Pointless Things Go

Life is way too short to let things that are pointless bother you. If something minuscule is causing problems in your life, let it go. There is no reason you should try holding on to something that is only going to hinder your growth. When someone holds on to something that will keep them back…MORE

You Don’t Always Have to Have the Last Word

You Don’t Always Have to Have the Last Word

Everyone argues and/or gets into disagreements, but that does not mean it needs to end badly. Where things get bad is when people think they have to have the last word. You should say what you have to say and leave it at that. Remember that the other person is also probably feeling heated, therefore…MORE

Don’t Get In the Way of Others Accomplishments

Not everyone is going to be good at everything, therefore it is perfectly okay to feel as though something is impossible. The problem lies where someone gets in the way of someone doing the exact thing you thought could not be done. When you deem that you cannot achieve something that does not give you…MORE

A Boss’s Job

A Boss’s Job

Bosses have many jobs and many times they seem as though they are there to tear you down. A boss’s job is to catch people doing right instead of wrong. They are supposed to help you be the best you can be, to motivate you. Bosses that push people to be their best create well…MORE

Share Your Knowledge

Share Your Knowledge

One of the most important things in life is information/knowledge. If you learn some type of new information then you should share it. The sharing of knowledge helps avoid faults and can broaden someone’s ideas of a certain topic. Information can be used to help you achieve your goals or simply accomplish a task. You…MORE

Faking Perfections

Everyone is human and humans make mistakes. In today’s society it is easy to forget that no one is perfect and that it is completely okay. With the looks that appear in the media we often forget that what is represented is not the whole truth. Showing the whole truth on your mistakes lets others…MORE

It Is Good to Disconnect

Life can become overwhelming and sometimes you need to take a break. This is why it is always a good idea to disconnect so you can reconnect with new eyes. Taking a step back allows you to view things without being involved. When you focus too much on one thing your judgement can be obscured…MORE


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