Let Yourself Be A Beginner

When you were an infant you could not walk, but with a lot of practice, patience, and time you became a pro. Everyone has to start somewhere and even babies, who have never experienced true struggle, are able to overcome adversity by getting up and walking. With the right amount of effort anyone can be exceptional at what they strive to become.

When we start a project or a new task we want to be great the first time around, unfortunately that is not how things work. You need to allow yourself to be a beginner. There will be pit falls when starting anything new but that is how you learn. If you want something bad enough you will do anything to make sure that you succeed. You can never become a pro at anything if you quit; if you give up every time something doesn’t go right then you won’t be able to go anywhere in life. Believe in yourself and you will EVENTUALLY become great.


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