Brace Yourself For Something Good

We are constantly expecting the worse to happen in most situations. For example when you are driving you generally are bracing for impact, you expect that the person behind you is going to hit you when that typically isn’t the case. When you are waiting for test results or even when someone says they need to talk to you, we are always expecting the negative. We expect bad things to happen even when they normally don’t, why is that? It’s because we are scared of being let down. Once you realize that things happen and it is better to brush them off, you will be a happier person. It is time to start expecting something great to happen.

When you start putting yourself in a positive mindset, miracles tend to happen. You should always brace yourself for the good things to happen, because this world is not just made up of horrific events. Everyday something amazing happens and often times it comes as a surprise because we often await catastrophes, we should await good fortune instead. Bracing yourself for something positive will lead to a happier and healthier life with less stress and more joy.


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